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TEXAS Super Star Youth Sports Group is a Non Profit Organization. The Mission of this organization is to create the LEADERS of Tomorrow TODAY. We use Academic tutoring and Sport training to demonstrate to Young People that Work Ethic is the key to success and unlimited opportunity.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Story behind Stiger Youth Development Group dba Texas Super Star Youth Sports Group.

Stiger Youth Development Group dba Texas Superstar Youth Sports Group was born because 

a Man had the Spiritual experience of Coaching and 

Training his 2 Sons. The bond of Love and Respect 

that was created from that shared experience of working 

together to achieve a common goal permeated 

every aspect of their lives.

 The Founder of TSYSG found that athletic training 

was a perfect vehicle to teach his boys work ethic 

and discipline that could be related to whatever they 

were involved in including their school work in the 

class room. 

 The Founder over the years coached and trained many 

young people and found there was a void that existed 

where a significant amount of young people did not 

have Support Systems to help them 

reach their full potential and develop the talents 

that they possessed.

Although the Founder's sons are now adults,  the need 

for helping young people still exist in many 

Communities. This need brought about the birth of the "Stiger Youth Development Group" dba

Texas Super Star Youth Sports Group as a vehicle to 

teach Work Ethic, Goal Setting, and Academic 


The story of TSYSG is yet to be written, we appeal to everyone who recognizes how valuable a resource our young people are to join the Founder in this Mission. This Nonprofit welcomes Volunteers, your expertise, monetary contributions or support of any kind will ensure that the Founders Dream of helping those that need help the most is realized.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new program called "YASEC"  

"Youth Academic Skills Empowerment Challenge"


Contact Info: tsysg.org@gmail.com

Phone No.: 214-494-9064

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